Every wonder WHY the stench from your sweaty gym clothes gets worse after you’ve finished your workout?

Here’s the SECRET most gym bag brands don’t want you to DISCOVER….odor doesn’t actually come from sweat, it comes from the bacteria, mold and mildew that grows from the sweat.  In the right conditions, a single bacteria cell can multiply to over a million in just 8 hours.  

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When wet or sweaty clothes are placed in a warm, contained space, like "locked" away inside a bag, you've created the perfect environment and room for bacteria to grow back and forth between your gear and the bag, which also drastically increases the odor.

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The old way of carrying dirty gym laundry and smelly running sneakers, was to use inexpensive mesh bags, hoping air would slow the spread, and the odor would escape. Another option was to trap the smell in thin nylon zip bags that you have to wash every single time you work out.

Thing is, they don’t really solve your problem, in fact, it’s gotten worse.  Now the bag itself is exposed to water, sweat, and germs creating MORE harmful, skin irritating, unhealthy bacteria to grow, MORE odor to build, and MORE time to spend working on your gear instead of the working with your gear. 

The bacteria embeds itself in-between the fibers of the bag which weakens them, and traps the odor. The more you wash the bag, the quicker those weak fibers fray and eventually break down, never eliminating the odor. Using alcohol rich wipes, is a bandaid that masks the odor and becomes another agent that damages the fabric. 

Between the daily washing and the bacteria that is eating away at the fabric, those bag falls apart in what seems like a very short amount of time, getting you to spend MORE MONEY again, and again, and again.


Why not try the NEW MODERN sustainable way that fitness trainers, and avid gym goers are using?

Stellar leverages the POWER of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and a proprietary 4-in-1 SYSTEM to make carrying smelly fitness clothes, wet swimsuits, dirty gym laundry , or germ filled work scrubs simple, safe, sustainable and odor FREE.

The SECRET is to inhibit the bacteria, which stops the odor, and the damage, protecting, you, your gear and the bag itself so it lasts longer, and you spend less time, money and stress.


 STEP 1 – unlike most wet sport bags, Stellar is exclusively designed with 2 layers of soft FLEXFIT  fabric making it stronger and easier to pack sneakers and odd sized gear. Both layers are formed as one UNIQUE continuous panel, so it becomes a versatile DRY BAG with a seamless leak proof bottom and superior strength you won’t get from thin nylon wash bags, or lightweight one-layer baby wet bags.


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STEP 2 -it’s treated with PATENTED SHIEDPLUS stain resistant repellant that puts an invisible armour on the outside of the bag, causing dirt, water, and oils to bead up and roll off taking their nasty germs with them. Your gear remains DRY and safe. Because what happens at the gym should stay at the gym.


Gym clothes bag repels water



STEP 3 – The 2 layers are waterproofed with an eco-conscious THERMALTECH process that uses heat to bond a permanent sealant to the fabric without emitting any harmful toxins or VOC’s into the environment. It becomes your handy go-to multi-use WET BAG, which drastically reduces the use of plastic bags and is safer for you and the planet.

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STEP 4 – The SECRET WEAPON or what we call our silver bullet- we lined Stellar with RAPID-RELEASE SilverIon antimicrobial technology that uses natural silver to detect and disrupt harmful bacteria, mold, mildew and many other micro-organisms, preventing them from growing and spreading further. Stellar combines the BEST PROVEN technology and REVOLUTIONARY design to give you a MODERN solution to safely combat unhealthy bacteria and inconvenient odor.

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The result is a versatile, reusable, reliable ESSENTIAL that gives you ODOR FREE workouts, MORE protection, MORE uses and saves you MORE TIME & MONEY in the long run. The 4-in-1 system gives you 4 bags in 1, a wet bag, a dry bag, a sweat bag, and an odor bag. And it innovative processes protect the bag itself, the clothes inside, and the bag or suitcase you put it in, extending the life of your favorite workout gear.

A STURDY lifelong gold brass zipper, SIMPLE sleek black STYLE, and packable 14.5 X 17 inch size, makes it a head turner that’s small enough to fit easily into your BACKPACK or gym locker, and large enough to hold your smelly sneakers or wet shower towel.


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It’s EASY MACHINE WASHABLE and DRYER CARE won’t damage, shrink, fade, or cause the bag to fall apart.  


GUARANTEED  AMERICAN MADE Unrivaled quality and Unmatched VALUE; it’s been tested to last for more than 300 washes.

 Customers say Stellar is the bag to buy if you’re looking for a packable “legitimate moisture barrier” that fits in your backpack and “keeps wet sweaty clothes away from the rest of (your) belongings and doesn’t stink!”  You can go from work to work out and be rest assured that your bag will be stench free even after sitting for hours in your hot car.

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It's THE IDEAL GIFT  for active gym lovers, health and earth conscious enthusiasts, or frequent TRAVELERS.


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