Toxins out...not in

The Ultimate Sweat Towel

Sweat during releases toxins from the body improving our health and well being. Our organic towel wipes away toxins from your open pores without risk of adding new ones from pesticides and harsh detergents back in.

Natural healthy

Protection On-The-Go

Our fast absorbing, all natural drying cloth give you irritant, fuzz and chemical free protection anywhere, for healthy personal protection on-the-go.

Great Product

"Got this as a gift, It's super soft and kind to my skin sensitivites"

Super Soft..

"I wanted a towel I can travel with on ration or take to the beach that would be safe for my face and body. The size is perfect, small enough to take with me to the gym. I would highly recommend"

made for sensitive skin

Healthy & Safe

Made exclusively for sensitive skin, this fuzz free drying cloth is perfect for tender, new born skin.

Healthy Body & Peace of Mind

Travel Essential

Protection against harsh hotel detergents.

Daily Care

Natural, organic beauty tool.

Absorbent Sweat Towel

Stress free workout essential.

Make an Impact

Pesticide Free & Biodegradable

Our unique drying cloth is made from sustianable, fast growing bamboo and organic, pesticide free cotton, making it healthier and safer for you and the planet.