Eco Innovative Travel Essentials for a Sustainable Future

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Our Eco Antimicrobial Bags are The Travel Essential

Modern Essential

Innovative, multi-use, premium American Made quality means our bags are as functional as they are stylish. Adored by both fitness and travel enthusiasts worldwide, it's the perfect essential for modern living.

Convenient Travel Style

It's clear why our reusable, washable antimicrobial bags are the must-have essential for making your holiday travel simpler, safer and stress free. Premium, odor free protection for your clothes and your expensive luggage is how we roll!

Valuable & Impactful

Choice matters, and sustainable travel begins here. Crafted eco consciously and designed sustainably our bags reduce the carbon footprint, the use of plastic bags and the harm to the planet. Explore more, impact less.

more than just a bag

Bacteria & Odor Protection

Advanced antimicrobial protection inhibits bacterial growth, preventing it's odor to preserve the bag itself, and protect what you put it in. One multi-purpose bag for all your needs.

Travel Sport Bag Set - Ornadi

Very Well Made

"This thing is a legitimate moisture barrier. I carry my swim gear (swimsuit, towel, flip flops) in it after a workout and it absolutely stays dry."

More ways our innovative bags simplify your life

Dirty Travel Laundry Bag

This must have travel essential is perfect for daily excursions, pool or beach side lounging, separating and organizing your clean clothes from dirty, or keeping odor and water out of your luggage.

Sweat & Odor Bag

Advanced antimicrobial interior inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew & more, preventing it's odor and protecting the bag from harm, and where you use it.

dirty laundry travel packing bag for wet swimsuits and smelly laundry ornadi

Wet / Dry Bag

Two strong waterproof layers and a leak proof bottom easily transport wet swimsuits and towels by holding water in, or protect clothes and accessories by keeping it out.

Why Choose Ornadi?


All of our products are MADE IN AMERICA of premium quality for sustainable durability, under strict guidelines and fair labor laws.


From the processes we use to the principles we choose, our commitment is driven by a conscious core toward a heathier future for us and our planet.


We research new cutting edge technology, and submit our products to rigorous independent labs, a brand you can trust.