" we believe...

by challenging the process of American Made craftsmanship and eco conscious innovation

we can make a remarkable difference in the way you live while making a positive impact on the planet. "

Non-Toxic Waterproofing

Unlike traditional waterproofing that uses vapor releasing liquid chemicals, we permanently bond a protective waterproof layer using Thermal heat technology which emits NO harmful toxins or VOC's into the environment

Safer Sustainable Production

We went to the source of damaging bacteria and irritating odor by investing in patented safe Silver-ion antimicrobial technology that is uses real natural silver to detect and disrupt bacteria from growing, extending the life of our bags. A smart solution that is non-toxic, a safe for humans and the environment.

Chemical Free Cotton

Cotton requires high levels of pesticides and chemicals to grow with most ending up in rivers, lakes and the sea. Our unique face cloths use organic cotton which is softer, naturally antibacterial, requires less water and is chemical free.

High Impact Bamboo

Bamboo is a strong, fast growing environmentally beneficial natural source that requires little water, no chemicals, and whose oxygen output helps in the fight toward climate change. It is incredibly soft, and naturally antibacterial making a smarter safer choice for our face towels, with impactful benefits for you and our environment.

Purposeful Production

Every year in America 100 billion plastic bags are used, worldwide the number is in excess of 500 billion. As a result, over 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals die each year of plastic pollution. Our reusable wet bags were made stronger and treated with life extending technology to last longer with a goal to greatly reduce production and the use of harmful plastic bags.