providing value through values

Our Purpose

Our MISSION: to consciously create and ethically innovate for better living now, and a safer future for our planet.

What we do


We use new eco innovation to create travel essentials that make it simpler and safer to explore life while making an impact toward the health or our customers and the planet.


We design, source and manufacture our products in America using premium quality materials, ethical practices and fair labor conditions.

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Functional style is our focus. We create products that solve problems, improve conditions or are made better to laster longer. By focusing on producing for a purpose, we can reduce waste, over production, and the carbon footprint.

Eco Conscious Innovation

Our Process

Technology & innovation is the driving force that ignites us to challenge the status quo to discover new ways to do more using less and make an impact.

How we do it

Eco Stain Resistance

Our waterproof bags also act as a dry bag keeping water out through our shield plus treatment that uses new safer plant based stain resistant innovation.

Sustainable Sourcing

Organic and natural resources, sustainable longer life construction, non-toxic processes, and eco innovation is how we stay committed to our eco conscious core while delivering value.

Natural & Organic

Organic chemical free cotton, sustainable fast growing natural bamboo and multipurpose design are just some of the ways we engineer products toward making a positive impact. 

Antimicrobial Technology

Odor and damage come from bacteria that grows rapidly from water and sweat. Our antimicrobial technology uses natural silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microbes which prevents odor and protects your gear.

ornadi wet clothes bags 4-in-1 design waterproof antimicrobial

Exclusive Designs

Our bags are engineered with a seamless leak proof bottom and made with 2 layers, a proprietary design that makes it stronger and lasts longer creating less emissions and more protective value.

Non-Toxic Waterproofing

Traditional waterproofing using liquid chemical that are released into the environment. We use thermal technology that heat bonds a protective waterproof layer to our flex-fit fabric releasing no harmful toxins or VOC's.

Why we do it .....our customers

Keeps the stink contained after my morning workouts

"I use this for my gym clothes after my morning workouts. It keeps the stink out of my gym bag.I just toss it in the washer and dryer when I get home. It's exactly what I needed." David M.

Best bag for dirty and sweaty clothes

"It helps separate my sweaty clothes and sneakers from my gym bag and keeps the smell out. I love this product." Megan T.

Highly Recommend

"The quality of this bag is excellent ! Also the customer service is beyond any I have ever dealt with." Kay B.

Our Products

Bacteria Free, Odor Free, Stress Free there any other way?