Our new sweat and outdoor sport bag is everything you've been asking for. The sport version of our best selling gym bag, we've replaced the heavy brass zipper and gold trims with a lightweight all weather sleek black anti corrosion waterproof zipper, nothing fancy just pure powerful functionality and unassuming style.  Here's what sets it apart:

Sweat bag outdoor sport laundry waterproof antimicrobial pack sack

Ideal for high intensity workouts, and fitness traveler, it can securely hold heavy sweat filled gear, wet swimsuits and towels or keep water out to protect your dry essentials. The anti-corrosion zipper and waterproof features make it a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts who camp, run, boat, surf, or enjoy other water sports.

  1. Advanced Zipper: We've upgraded the heavy brass zipper to a lightweight anti-corrosion version. This means it's not only weather and water repellent but also rust-resistant. Say goodbye to zipper malfunctions during your outdoor adventures, like camping, hiking, or water sports in saltwater environments.
    sweaty gym clothes bag anti corrosion zipper Ornadi
  2. Antimicrobial Power: Our laundry bag boasts silver ion antimicrobial features, which inhibit the growth of bacteria and mildew. This not only protects the bag itself but also prevents odors from permeating your surroundings.
    antimicrobial bacteria smelly proof laundry bag Ornadi
  3. Strong Shield Stain Resistance:  Plant based eco stain resistant shield makes water and dirt slide right off the bag, protecting your dry essentials with environmentally safer PFOA and PFOS free technology.
  4. Leak-Proof Bottom: The seamless design of our laundry bag ensures that no liquid will escape, keeping your belongings dry and odor-free.
  5. Perfect Size: Measuring 14.5 X 17 inches, it's large enough to accommodate smelly sneakers and a wet towel, but compact enough to fit in your backpack.
    odor proof gym bag sweat sport sack Ornadi
  6. Flex Fit Layers: Designed with two layers, our bag is strong enough to hold heavy wet towels and flexible enough to pack odd-shaped gear without a hitch.
  7. Made in the USA: We take pride in manufacturing our laundry bags right here in the USA. We use eco-friendly treatments, including non-toxic waterproofing and stain resistance that is free from harmful PFOA & PFOS chemicals. This reflects our commitment to both quality and the environment.
    sweat bag outdoor sport sack wet laundry Ornadi

Built to Last:

Our laundry bag is not only versatile, foldable, and durable but also outlasts competing products. It's a long-term investment that also helps reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, aligning with your environmental values.

Ready for Any Adventure:

Its unique anti-bacterial and odor-free features make it the ultimate solution for your laundry needs.

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Ornadi sweat bag sport sack laundry pouch