one bag to solve multiple problems

Beach organizer packing bags Ornadi

Separate & Organize

Water & Odor Protection

Secures Wet or Dry


Multipurpose Essential

Limitless uses from features that give you sustainable protection so you can do more with less. Ditch the plastic bags!

Which waterproof bag is right for you?

Wet / Dry Short Stays

Gemini is perfect for short carries when need a reliable waterproof wet bag that keeps swimsuits from leaking, or flips to protect your dry change of clothes of phone when lounging by the water. It is not antimicrobial.

Packable on-the-go

For outdoor activities, water workouts, and travel exercusions Stellar is best. The more time your wet stuff stays in closed warm spaces the quicker bacteria and mildew grow and odor starts. Stellar's antimicrobial technology disrupts the process, inhibiting growth and preventing odor.

Oversized Full Protection

Traveling with wet laundry or oversized gear you need Stellar II. It has nearly twice the carrying capacity and all the same water, bacteria and odor protection. The handy carry strap makes it perfect for family outings or to hold large beach towels.

The innovation behind our best selling bag Stellar

ornadi bags 4-in-1 extra large wet clothes bag waterproof antimicrobial

Durable Design

Designed with 2 layers of soft FLEX-FIT fabric making it stronger and easier to pack sneakers and odd sized gear. The custom leak-proof bottom and sturdy brass zipper, provides superior strength you won’t get from thin nylon wash bags that you have to wash every single time you workout.

Non-Toxic Thermal Waterproofing

Thermal-tech innovation uses heat to bond a permanent seal to the fabric without using traditional lids that emitt harmful toxins and VOC’s into the environment. It becomes your handy go-to multi-use wet bag, which drastically reduces the use of plastic bags and is safer for you and the planet.

Rapid Release Bacterial Protection

New antimicrobial/anti-bacterial technology uses natural silver to detect and disrupt harmful bacteria, mildew and more from growing and spreading onto the bag- stopping the ODOR before it starts. So you can finally bring your gym bag in the house.

Eco Stain Resistant Shield

Eco plant based exterior keeps liquids and dirt our by adding an invisible armor that repels dirt, water, and oils making them bead up, roll off and taking their nasty germs with them. Your gear remains dry and safe. Because what happens at the gym should stay at the gym.

Made to last

Limitless Protection

Our Stellar II bag holds 2 large beach towels along with your swinsuits, flop flops and lotion. Its 2 strong layers and comfort carry strap makes it super easy to carry heavy wet towels.


Bought two, using them for wet swimsuits and damp gym clothes. They contain the moisture and wash and dry well. Thank You! Beth

Really Nice, Works Perfect!

Larger than I thought which was a nice! Looks to be high quality material. Beachmom17


Simple it is not! This thing is a legitimate moisture barrier! I carry my swim gear (swimsuits, towel, flip flops) in it after a workout inside my gym bag and it absolutely stays dry. Yvigi

Eco Impact

Durability & Sustainability

Our premium quality bags are made to last longer, costing you less over time, resulting in less production emissions, less waste, less plastic bag use and less harm to the planet. We call it purposeful production.