Waterproof Antimicrobial Wet Clothes Bag for Gym or Travel Laundry & Swimsuits

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Lab Tested

Durable & Sustainable

Eco Conscious

Machine Wash & Dry


Travel smarter, not harder. Whether you heading to the gym, the pool, the beach, or on a long-haul flight, our premium waterproof antimicrobial wet dry bag Stellar, ensures that everything stays fresh, bacteria and odor free no matter where your workout or travels take you.

No more smelly gym bag odor.

Why hide or lock in odor when you can prevent it? Made with a unique 4-in-1 design, from durable, water-resistant materials and equipped with cutting-edge silver ion antimicrobial technology, Stellar provides you with the ultimate in protection against damaging bacteria and unpleasant odors not by hiding it or locking it in, but getting to the source to prevent it. 

The innovative, non-toxic waterproofing technology, ensures your clothes, swimwear, and other essentials will stay dry and protected. The 2 strong flex-fit stain resistant layers and leak-proof bottom, give you a versatile wet bag that holds water in to protect your expensive luggage or hard to clean gym bag.

Stellar's reusable multi-purpose features, packable size and machine washable easy care, make it a sustainable solution you can use over and over again without having to worry about it getting dirty or smelly. It also looks as good as it works.

  • 14 X 17.5" Packable Size
  • Heavy Gold Brass Zipper
  • Flex-fit Double Layer
  • Top Grip / Clasp Tab
  • Waterproof
  • Antimicrobial / Anti-bacterial
  • Made in USA

Stellar leverages the power of advanced technology and a NEW 4-in-1 proprietary system.

1. Durable Design

Unlike most wet sport bags, Stellar is exclusively designed with 2 layers of soft FLEX-FIT fabric making it stronger and easier to pack sneakers and odd sized gear. The custom leak-proof bottom and sturdy brass zipper, provides superior strength you won’t get from thin nylon wash bags that you have to wash every single time you workout.

2. Patented Stain Resistant

Eco plant based exterior keeps liquids and dirt our by adding an invisible armor that repels dirt, water, and oils making them bead up, roll off and taking their nasty germs with them. Your gear remains dry and safe. Because what happens at the gym should stay at the gym.

3. Thermal-Tech Non-Toxic Waterproofing

Thermal-tech innovation uses heat to bond a permanent seal to the fabric without using traditional lids that emitt harmful toxins and VOC’s into the environment. It becomes your handy go-to multi-use wet bag, which drastically reduces the use of plastic bags and is safer for you and the planet.

4. Rapid-Release Silver-ion Antimicrobial /Anti-bacterial

New technology uses natural silver to detect and disrupt harmful bacteria, mildew and more from growing and spreading onto the bag- stopping the ODOR before it starts. So you can finally bring your gym bag in the house.

Machine wash dry tumble dry low.


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Waterproof and Antimicobial tested by an independent 3rd party accredited lab, Stellar reduced bacteria by over 99% and showed zero penetration of water in pressurized testing.

Guaranteed American Made, and backed by our 30 day no questions asked quality assurance return policy.


Customer Reviews

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made to last

Sustainable Features

Sustainability is about more than just quality construction. Stellar is engineered to protect itself and the bag you use it with making it a long lasting valuable essential while also reducing carbon emissions and the use of plastic bags.


It's all about the details

With multiple uses including odor filled sweaty fitness clothes, dirty travel laundry, and wet swimsuits and towels, it's a go-to essential you can rely on over and over again. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Get to the Source

No Bacteria No Odor

Why fight, hide or trap odor when you can prevent it. Stellar gets to the source and in doing so, extends its life and usefulness while also extending the life of your gear. Smart and sustainable.

Unleash Your imagination

More Than Just a Bag

With 2 strong layers, a leak proof bottom and 3 innovative treatments that protect against water, bacteria and odor, no wonder it's been called the "ready for anything" bag.

The flex-fit fabric is free of hard plastic, allowing you to pack more and fit odd shaped gear, an added benefit and eco option to traditional bags.

Take Control

Most Trusted Travel Companion

You'll have a durable reliable multi-use essential that lasts longer, protects more, and makes dealing with wet, dirty laundry simple and safer for you and the planet.🌎

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality Assurance

Buy with trust. Ornadi bags are lab tested, made from premium locally sourced goods, and responsibly. Made in America in state of the art facilities under strict guidelines and fair labor laws.

Superior Service

Order with confidence. We stand behind the quality of our exclusively made products with a simple no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Combined with our simple $3.95 Flat Rate or FREE shipping on orders $74 or more, your can order worry free.

Sustainability & Impact

Immeasurable value. The durable design, versatile uses and remarkable ability to protect itself and the bags you use it with, saves you time and money all while reducing carbon emissions, the use of plastic bags and the harmful impact caused by alternative bags.


gym swimsuit and towel clothes bag waterproof antimicrobial odor bag

Great Purchase!

"Bought 2 using them for wet swimsuits and damp gym clothes. They contain the moisture and wash and dry well. Love them, Thank you!" Beth

It Works!

"My boyfriend loves it...he uses it to put his sweaty clothes in after a run or bike ride after work and loves that it doesn't get anything else wet and that the bag doesn't get smelly." Christine


It is certainly pricey for simple zippered pouch - However simple it is not. This thing is a legitimate moisture barrier I carry my swim gear in it after a workout inside my gym bag and it absolutely stays dry. There was not a single time when other contents of the gym bag came in contact with damp items, all thanks to this handy pouch...." Yvigi