Purpose & Impact

Not all Wet Bags are Made the Same

Ornadi wet /dry bags are waterproof, bacteria proof, odor proof and stain resistant. Made using a unique 4-in-1 design engineered for sustainability and less environmental harm, it's purposeful design and new innovation means you get one bag that does the job of many, giving you greater value and less overall cost to you and the planet.



Easily hold wet swimsuits & towels in without leaking -OR- keep dirt & water out protecting dry essentials. The two layers of non-toxic thermal waterproofing means you can stress less and enjoy more ..📲



Why fight or hide odor when you can stop it at the source.

Why use an antimicrobial bag? When you inhibit bacteria, you prevent it's odor, allowing you to pack wet swimsuits, towels or dirty laundry for hours without growth, odor or damage. A reliable travel essential that protects itself and extends the life of your gear..

3- 🧽Stain resistant

Longer Life

An eco 🌱plant based stain resistant puts a protective shield over the bag that makes dirt and liquids bead up and roll off, keeping the bag looking and working for a long long time.

4- 💪🏼purposeful design


Engineered stronger to last longer with 2 flexible layers, a heavy brass zipper and leak-proof seamless bottom. This isn't just a wet bag, it's an everything, everywhere bag.



Flexible fabric makes packing odd shaped gear easy without restriction or cracks from hard plastic waterproof bags.


Go right from the plan to the pool, no need to wait for check-in. Keep water, bacteria and odor out of your expensive luggage.


Just throw it right in the washer and dryer, it won't shrink fade or fall apart at the seams. Easy breezy.

Organize & Seperate

Beach organizer packing bags Ornadi

Wet from Dry

Clothes from Gear

Clean from Dirty



Planned or unexpected, you've got a reliable essential to support your goals and simplify your daily life.



The antimicrobial innovation means you get longer life out of your bag and your gear for less... less production, less emissions, less time and money spent on fighting odor and less harm for you, your essentials and the planet.🌍

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an antimicrobial bag and how does it work?

Bacteria, mold & mildew are types of living "Microbes." They grow in warm wet contained places and give off irritating odor and cause damage to fabrics. Our antimicrobial bags are treated with safe natural silver ion microbe inhibiting technology that disrupts the environment so they can't grow.😁

Are Antimicrobial Bags Safe?

Our antimicrobial bags are made in state of the art facilities in the USA using advanced technology of real silver which naturally disrupts microbes, safe for you and the planet.👍🏻

Is the Bag Really Waterproof if it isn't Hard Plastic?

Yes! The bags actually have 2 powerful waterproofing treatments, one on the outside which makes liquids bead up and roll off protecting the contents. And, both layers have a safer non-toxic eco waterproofing that uses high thermal heat to bond a protective coating so water can't get in or escape out. 🌱

How Do They Wash?

The stain resistant fabric protects the bag from dirty, liquids and oils and creates a barrier when washed. Just drop it in the washing machine and dryer, they won't shrink, fade or fall apart at the seams like most mesh or nylon bags.👏🏻

What Size Do I Need?

Our bags currently come in 2 sizes, the original packable size will hold a medium bath towel and 2 swimsuits. Stellar II our XL size is nearly 2 feet long and will hold 2 large beach towels and 2-3 swimsuits with ease.🕶️

How Long Will They Last?

The bags are made with 2 strong layers to last longer when holding heavy wet clothes and towels. The length of their life depends on the usage and care, but they have been lab tested to inhibit bacteria and water for over 300 washes.

Are the Bags Really Made in USA?

We are proud to both manufacture and source the materials for our products in the United States, partnering with American businesses that abide by safer standards and fair labor laws. We are also certified by the SBA as a women owned business.