It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….STELLAR the Super Sweat Bag

[insert long pause for dramatic affect]


SWEAT is not as sexy a topic as Hollywood wants us to think it is, at least not the PG version.

 While the Superman reference sounds unoriginal, even drastically overplayed, it’s actually not as ridiculous a comparison as you might think. Let us explain..

 Superman’s powers are invisible to the naked eye. No-one would ever have suspected that quiet, seemingly simple minded Clark Kent 🤓 could actually be the strong, talented, invulnerable Superman

 ….proving you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there 🤨

 STELLAR gets this all the time. The simple unassuming sleek design makes it look …well

 … like it’s just a bag. Then we share all it’s incredible powers through modern innovation and how much it can do, and that’s when we start to see that twinkle of belief….can it be

 🤔….can it really do ALL THAT?

 Superman has super strength (hence his name)

STELLAR is made with 2 continuous panels of durable FLEXFIT that create a leak-proof bottom, making it really, really strong. Strong enough to hold heavy wet shower towels and smelly sneakers (hence the name Stellar which means exceptional, good, outstanding or having the quality of a star performer 🤩)

antimicrobial gym clothes bag ornadi

 Superman’s suit is like an invisible armor, resistant to damage, even bullets ricochet off his chest like popcorn.

STELLAR has an invisible SHIELDPLUS armor too, it repels dirt, water, and sweat so it slides right off, not with as much climatic flare as ricocheting bullets, but just as effective.😲

gym bag repels water and dirt

 Superman is Made in America (yes yes we know the story goes that he came from the planet krypton and was sent to earth  🙄 but he was really Made up in America by Jerry.... work with us here)

STELLAR is Made in America too 🇺🇸  for real. That’s how we are able to make sure it actually performs all these super powers we’ve been telling you about.

 Superman smells like a combination of a fresh meadow and musk…OK, we made that part up, but you can’t really prove he doesn’t smell like that. We on the other hand, can PROVE that if you use STELLAR you’ll get the results of a fresh meadow, because it’s advanced antimicrobial super power fights off all those nasty green kryptonite-like villains we know as bacteria, mold, mildew and their odor. Because nobody likes gym sweat odor, especially not Louis Lane.

 Superman is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound -  hmmm you got us here, but we’re an innovative company, who know what we’re capable of in time.

Point is, STELLAR is our Superman version of a gym clothes bag. With the power to fight dirt and germs, bring bacteria and odor to it’s knees, safely carry your wet suit or protect your dry cape.

gym sweat superman shirt workout ornadi

Now, don’t you wish YOU had a super bag with invisible powers that everyone in the gym would be jealous of?

[this is where you eagerly hit the Buy it NOW button]










sweat bag for gym clothes odor ornadi


….are you still here…why haven’t you added it to the cart yet?🧐 

 We told you it can’t fly, it’s going to take a few days to get to you - unless you’re a prime member

 …well OF COURSE it’s on AMAZON 😳 the super shopping power isn’t going to miss out on the super sweat bag!

ornadi gym clothes bag on amazon