STELLAR Waterproof Antimicrobial Gym Clothes Bag | Prohibits Bacteria & Odor from Sweat & Wet Gear

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 Simplify. Prevent. Protect. 

There are many bags on the market but there is only one Stellar, with its compact size, water and odor proof protection, hassle free cleaning, and bacteria preventing power, its the ideal tool for health conscious individuals with active busy lives.

Stellar's portable size and soft flexible design holds your fitness gear including shoes and fits easily into your gym bag, tote bag, or suitcase.  Bacteria from wet or sweaty clothing causes odor, and wears away fabric which can shorten the life and integrity of a gym bag, but Stellar's innovative antimicrobial* lining uses real silver ion technology to safely inhibit bacterial growth on the bag. Combined with it's waterproof exterior that resists stains and liquids, you'll get maximum protection that looks as good as it works. The exclusive seamless bottom construction gives you additional support for longer lasting strength and durability. The bag is reusable machine wash & dry, tested to protect for 300+ washes giving you easy convenient care.

Black Antimicrobial Gym Clothes Sport Bag.

Machine Wash Warm. Tumble Dry Low. Made in USA

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