Wet Clothes Bag Antimicrobial Waterproof Sport Sack

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Sustainable Features

Sustainability is about more than just quality construction. Stellar is engineered to protect itself and the bag you use it with making it a long lasting valuable essential wile also reducing carbon emissions and the use of plastic bags.


It's all about the details

The real magic with our bag is that it is crafted with an abundance of technical innovation in a sleek unassuming all-with-one design. Features that give you limitless uses, and a design that makes any experience simpler. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Unleash Your imagination

More Than Just a Bag

Designed to elevate your lifestyle. With 2 strong layers, a leak proof bottom and 3 innovative treatments that protect against water, bacteria and odor, no wonder it's been called the "ready for anything" bag. Wet clothes are a challenge in daily life, but an even greater one when traveling. We designed Stellar to be the BEST defense against water period! From keeping it out, to holding it in, to stopping mildew and preventing the nasty smell when keeping wet clothes trapped in your bag for hours.

Take Control

Most Trusted Travel Companion

Whether it's simplifying daily routines or unexpected adventures, Stellar's got it covered.

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Quality Assurance

Buy with trust. Ornadi bags are lab tested, made from premium locally sourced goods, and responsibly Made in America in state of the art facilities under strict guidelines and fair labor laws.

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Order with confidence. We offer free USA domestic shipping and stand behind the quality of our product with a simple 30 day money back guarantee.

Sustainability & Impact

Immeasurable value. The durable design, versatile uses and remarkable ability to protect itself and the bags you use it with, saves you time and money all while reducing carbon emissions, the use of plastic bags and the harmful impact caused by alternative bags.


gym swimsuit and towel clothes bag waterproof antimicrobial odor bag

Great Purchase!

"Bought 2 using them for wet swimsuits and damp gym clothes. They contain the moisture and wash and dry well. Love them, Thank you!" Beth

It Works!

"My boyfriend loves it...he uses it to put his sweaty clothes in after a run or bike ride after work and loves that it doesn't get anything else wet and that the bag doesn't get smelly." Christine


It is certainly pricey for simple zippered pouch - However simple it is not. This thing is a legitimate moisture barrier I carry my swim gear in it after a workout inside my gym bag and it absolutely stays dry. There was not a single time when other contents of the gym bag came in contact with damp items, all thanks to this handy pouch...." Yvigi