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X Large Antimicrobial Waterproof Wet Bag for Sweaty Gym Gear, Dirty Laundry or work uniforms

Stellar II is treated with advanced silver ion antimicrobial technology that disrupts cells to safely stop the spread and growth of harmful microorganisms. Prevent bacteria, mold, mildew and odor caused by sweaty gym clothes, scrubs, uniforms and wet swimsuits from spreading to your gym bag, luggage or car. It's shielded stain resistant exterior keeps unwanted soil and germs out, protecting you and your clothes, and gives you long lasting freshness for over 300 washes. Custom size is 50% larger than traditional wet bags, so you can get the same powerful benefits for your oversized fitness gear, or extended stays. With 3 layers of waterproof protection and a seamless leak proof bottom, this multipurpose bag is all you need to keep dirty travel laundry, towels and odor filled sneakers secure, safe and simple to handle. It's 100% machine washable, sustainable, and includes a custom cotton comfort strap with a strong clasp for added strength & durability. Made in America using eco conscious processes that emit no harmful toxins or VOC's.


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