Looking for a super absorbent, fuzz-free, chemical free gym face towel that won't irritate your skin? Vigor by Ornadi is a proprietary woven fabric made from strong chemical & pesticide free organic cotton, and super soft sustainable bamboo, that has a smooth, fuzz free surface. It delivers a luxurious feel while absorbing and holding water fast, helping you remove dirt and sweat from open pores without exposing them to harsh chemicals or stiff scratchy public gym towels.

Ornadi products are designed, sourced and manufactured in America, using eco-conscious processes that reduce harmful impact on you and the planet, and under fair labor laws.

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Vigor by Ornadi Features:

Ornadi organic cotton bamboo soft irritant free gym face towel made in USA


premium face towel for younger healthy skin care from chemical and pesticide free cotton. Protects open pores and exposed skin from irritation. Delivers fuzz free stubble and deard drying for men.

Ultra absorbent organic gym face towel Ornadi


exclusive drying cloth absorbs fast and holds water evenly for high impact sweat filled sports, yoga and fitness routines.

Absorbent organic gym face towel irritant fuzz free Ornadi


workout accessory reduce rash, chaffing, acne and support healthy skin.

Travel face towel organic absorbent cotton bamboo Ornadi


from harsh detergents, perfumes & dyes from hotel cleansing or gym towels.

organic eco absorbent yoga face towel for sweaty hot yoga


from quality, sustainable, bio-degradeable materials and eco friendly alternative to micr-fiber with easy machine wash care.

Vigor Details:


  • Color:  Black / Natural
  • Ages:   All ages
  • Material: Organic Cotton/ Bamboo Viscose
  • Size: 34 X 14"
  • Care: Machine Wash

Grab our organic towel for your next workout and feel the difference!

organic gym face towel bamboo cotton Ornadi Made in USA