Antibacterial Vs. Antimicrobial What’s the Difference? Which is Best?

 We get this question a lot, so we are breaking it down in simple, straightforward terms, including the technology we use in our antimicrobial bags and why.

 Starting with the basics:

Anti= against   bacterial = bacteria    microbial= microscopic organisms

bacteria cell from sweat antibacterial gym bag ornadiBacteria are tiny single-cell living organisms that can grow and thrive in many different environments.

Microscopic organisms include all uni-cell living organisms that grow - they are not limited to bacteria only, and can include mold, mildew, fungi, parasites and even some viruses.


 While some bacteria is good and necessary, some are dangerous and can cause disease, infection, skin irritation even inflammation as the body works to fight off the “bad” ones.

 In the right conditions they can grow very rapidly, as is the case with bacteria often doubling within 20 minutes.  Bacteria grow best and fast in warm moist (wet) environments. 

 Antibacterial and Antimicrobial agents work to prevent and in some instances kill the growth or presence of these organisms.

 The most common are disinfectants which are antimicrobial agents that kill microbes on non-living surfaces to prevent the spread of illness.

In some instances there are elements that are naturally antibacterial, meaning they have properties that already prohibit the growth or do not create an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria. 

Research and testing has found that viscose - including bamboo viscose the fabric used in our soft, organic, chemical free and ultra absorbent gym & face towel is one such fabric. Antibacterial gym bag and towel ornadi


 While both are important and helpful, antibacterial agents are created specifically to work on bacteria only, while antimicrobial agents kill or slow the growth of a variety of microscopic organisms including bacteria, but also mold, fungi, parasites and even some viruses.

Therefore, the clear winner is ANTIMICROBIAL.


 Antimicrobial agents work to both prevent the microorganisms from growing usually by disrupting their ideal environment – starving them so they can’t reproduce and / or in some cases killing them.

 The 2 most active and safest ingredients to fight microbes are Silver or zinc.


Silver has been known to have antimicrobial abilities as far back as 400 BC. It is a natural resource that scientist found causes a disruption when bacteria tries to convert nutrients to energy, and prevents it from reproducing or surviving.

silver ions antimicrobial ornadi bag

 SILVER TECHNOLOGY agents use real silver by releasing tiny ions when microbes are present or try to grow. The ions attach to the cells and penetrate, creating disruption inside, which prevents the cell from reproducing and it eventually dies off. It is the leading technology because it is effective, has long term protection – working 24/7, and is safe for human contact.










As a matter of fact, silver has been safely used since ancient times in healthcare, water treatment, and even food preservation.


In addition to the inconvenience of these microbes affecting our health and damaging our gear, there's the added unpleasantry of their odor.

gym bag odor

 When applied to textiles (fabric) antimicrobial agents release tiny silver ions when bacteria and microbes try to grow in the warm and often wet conditions from carrying sweat filled fitness gear, wet swimsuits or moist dirty laundry.

sweaty workout gym man ornadia

By preventing the potentially infectious pathogens from growing on the bags surface, it aids to prevent their spread and to protect the bag from damage and decay. This provides a safer, and healthier way to carry wet items, eliminates the odor that comes with their growth, and enables the bag itself to have a longer more sustainable life.

Our antimicrobial bags use this safe, effective Silver technology to keep water, odor and sweat out of your gym bag, suitcase, workbag or car.

washable gym clothes bag ornadiThey are 100% machine washable and are designed with 2 layers and a seamless bottom to prevent leakage and give you a simple, safe and healthier alternative.






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