After a long day at the beach or swimming pool, do you place the wet clothes and swimsuits in a simple thin nylon bag or worse a plastic bag?

This can be a costly mistake.

The wet swimwear, bikinis, and towels fester in there, growing bacteria and developing mildew. Bacteria grows fast, 1 cell can grow to 1 million in less than 8 hours. Add the warmth of the sun and it grows even faster. Soon enough, that bacteria starts releasing odors, seeping moisture, and ruining your dry clothes, your travel bag and your good time.

antimicrobial bacteria & odor proof bags

We’ve all been there.

Ornadi solves your problems with superior antimicrobial waterproof bags that either hold water in or keep it out while preventing bacteria and odor from growing on the bag, making it easier and safer to separate and protect your wet and dry clothes.

wet swimsuit bags Ornadi

Innovative Swim Bags for Long-Lasting Quality

You want to have a memorable stress-free time whether your going on an exotic trip around the world or simply spending an hour at the gym in the swimming pool.

That’s why we developed a superior swim bag option designed specifically for storing wet clothes and made for travelers, swimmers, and active lifestyles.

Unlike other swimsuit pouches, our 100% American made eco-friendly premium materials ensure the highest quality for every bag, every time. With sophisticated double-layer waterproof technology and a seamless leak-free bottom, Ornadi bags will last years with superior durability and strength.

The next time you go to the beach or take a swimming-filled vacation, you won’t have to worry about flimsy, cheap bags that leak and wear out after one use.

wet swimsuit bags adult waterproof travel Ornadi

But that’s not all…

Bacteria Fighting Safety for Active Lifestyles

You want the flexibility to go swimming when you want, without worrying about mold, mildew and bacteria that has a stinky odor, and leaks into your beach bag or luggage causing damage.

Ornadi’s antimicrobial bags use innovative antimicrobial technology that inhibits bacteria growth and prevents odor.

Plus, the convenient washable design means you can simply throw it into the washing machine and dryer without shrinkage, fading or falling apart. You spend less time and money and keep your gear and luggage free from water, bacteria and odor damage.

wet swimsuit bag for travel luggage waterproof Ornadi

Unrivaled Functionality, Unmatched Style

Our innovative swim bags have premium features like a stong brass gold zipper and pattern free design for simple sophisticated style without compromising superior functionality.

That’s why you want a swim bag in the first place. 

With our removable swim pouches to carry dry and wet clothes, you can easily go from and afternoon swimming at the pool to going out to dinner, without ever worrying about your change of clothes getting wet or pockets in your bag getting damaged.

Plus, our stain free fabric keeps you looking stylish wherever you are.

wet dry bags waterproof swimsuit travel laundry Ornadi

It’s Time to Swim Without Stress

Say no to cheap swim bags that don’t reduce the stress of mildewed swimwear, messy leaks, and irritating odor that ends the life of your favorite beach bag too early. Protect your gear and your bags with these reusable, removable, remarkable wet swimsuit bags.

Superior antimicrobial bags by Ornadi are made with eco conscious non-toxic waterproofing, and stain resistant technology that is PFOA and PFOS free, giving you and the planet more protection and consideration. More than just a swimsuit bag, these packable travel essentials will have you ready for any adventure and make carrying your wet swimsuits worry-free.

Ornadi sustainable non-toxic wet dry travel bags
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