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Wet / Dry Travel Bag Limited Edition Gift Set

Organize, separate and protect twice as much with this Limited Edition Gift Set of our best selling waterproof antimicrobial wet clothes bag. Set includes 1 white and 1 black 14 X 17.5 inch double layer packable zipper closure bags uniquely designed to hold wet items or protect dry essentials while inhibiting bacteria and odor from dirty laundry, wet swimsuits, or sweaty gym clothes and shoes. Quantities are limited.


Stellar leverages the POWER of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and a NEW 4-in-1 proprietary system that gives you a multi-use sustainable essential so you can do more with less.

1. Unlike most wet bags, Stellar is exclusively designed with 2 layers of soft FLEXFIT fabric making it stronger and easier to pack odd sized gear. The leak-proof bottom and sturdy brass zipper, gives you a DRY BAG with superior strength you won’t get from thin nylon wash bags that you have to wash every single time you workout.

2. PATENTED SHIEDPLUS stain resistant puts an invisible armor that repels dirt, water, and oils making them bead up, roll off and taking their nasty germs with them. Your gear remains dry and safe. 

3. Waterproofed with an eco-conscious THERMALTECH process that uses heat to bond a permanent sealant to the fabric without emitting any harmful toxins or VOC’s into the environment. It becomes your handy go-to multi-use WET BAG, which drastically reduces the use of plastic bags and is safer for you and the planet.

4. The SECRET weapon or what we call our silver bullet- we lined Stellar with rapid-release eco-SilverIon antimicrobial INNOVATION that uses natural silver to detect and disrupt harmful bacteria, mildew and more from growing and spreading onto the bag- stopping the odor before it starts. So you can finally bring your gym bag in the house.

Guaranteed American Made and certified antimicrobial and water-resistant. 

  • 14.5 X 17 Inch 2 Layer Breathable FLEXFIT 
  • Black with Gold Zipper
  • SHIELDPLUS - Repels Dirt & Liquids 
  • Customer Leakproof Bottom Design
  • Advanced THERMALTECH Eco Waterproofing
  • Innovative Eco-SILVERION Safe Antimicrobial Protection
  • Easy Washable Care - won't shrink, fade or fall apart from washing

Machine Wash Warm. Tumble Dry Low. Made in USA

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Customers say Stellar...

is the bag to buy if your looking for a "legitimate moisture barrier" that fits in your backpack and keeps sweaty clothes away from the rest of your belongings and doesn't stink!


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