4in-1 Innovative Design

We combined NEW eco technology with purposeful innovation and a smarter design to create a bag that is double layer stronger, protects itself to last longer, works for you solving common problems and is safer for you and the planet.

Block Bacteria and Odor

Our advanced antimicrobial interior detects and disrupts bacteria, mold, and mildew, inhibiting their growth and preventing the odor and damage they cause. Protecting the bag itself, and what you put it in.


It helps separate my sweaty clothes from my gym bag. Keeps my bag fresh. I love this product.


2 Flex-Fit Layers

Double the strength of traditional wet bags with no rigid packing restrictions.

Precision Brass Zipper

A strong brass zipper gives it a sleek design and better support when transporting heavy wet towels and gear.

machine washable gym bag ornadi

Machine Wash & Dry

Easy and convenient, the bags are machine washer and dryer safer and will not fade, shrink or fall apart.

Done for You

Extended Protection

Let's face it, expensive luggage and compartment filled gym bags are high maintenance. Once bacteria sets in from wet and sweat filled gear, it NEVER comes out. A frustrating and costly consequence. Our bags not only protect themselves, but the bags you use them with, giving you more time and money for the fun stuff.