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Ornadi Objective | Supporting American Made Ethical & Sustainable

Ornadi Objective USA Map

We invite you to join our journey as we strive to create a true American Made Brand. 

We take great care in building our brand through partnering with manufacturers and artisans who are as detailed oriented as we are. All of our production takes place in America using processes that are socially and environmentally conscious  and conform to the highest standards. 

Our Transparency Philosophy is about sharing details we know are important to you about where and how we make our products.  We map the locations of all the small businesses that were involved in bringing them to life. It is a commitment to being open with the information we provide about our products and the process in which they were made. We understand you trust us to deliver on our promise of quality fabrics, affordable pricing, and responsible business. We spend months researching factories, suppliers, and processes that will fulfill our objective while supporting sustainability and minimizing the impact on the environment. It is our hope and belief that the information we provide will build a brand following of people  who appreciate our objective and become part of our vision.  Each purchase you make from Ornadi helps support makers, artists, and small business workers throughout America.
Follow our progress, watch us grow, and help us make a difference. Become part of The Ornadi Objective.