Our Waterproof antimicrobial bags

Powerful Protection from Water, Bacteria & Odor

Experience the future in your hands now. A unique 4-in-1 system combines eco technology, purposeful production and functional style to create a sustainable wet / dry bag that offers powerful protection against bacteria and odor to make carrying wet swimsuits, sweaty gym clothes and dirty travel laundry easier, and safer.

The Next Generation of Innovation

Antimicrobial Protection

Contrary to popular belief, odor doesn't come from water or sweat, it comes from the bacteria that grows from it. Most wet bags trap or lock odor in, or use mesh or drawstrings to release it (hello car freshener). Our antimicrobial bags use natural silver ion technology to detect and disrupt bacteria, prevent it's odor and extend the life of the bag.

Non-Toxic Waterproofing

Traditional waterproofing methods pour liquids chemicals onto fabric releasing toxic chemicals into the environment and potentially the ground water. The Ornadi Bag uses a thermal process of heat to bond a permanent protective film to our flex-fit fabric which release no harmful toxins or VOC's.

Sheild-Plus Stain Resistant

High impact stain resistant technology prevents water, dirt and oils from penetrating, keeping expensive essentials like your phone safe and giving you more options as a wet or dry bag.

Genius at Work

The Ornadi Bag is the only one you'll need for wet clothes. As a wet or dry bag, and bacterial odor preventing powerhouse, it's designed to give you limitless uses and greatly reduce the need for plastic bags.

Engineered for Durability

Exclusive Design

In addition to our advanced antimicrobial treatment, what truly makes The Ornadi Bag unique is the proprietary construction. To prevent it from falling apart when holding heavy wet towels, it's made with 2 waterproof layers and engineered with a seamless bottom to prevent leaks and separation. A heavy brass zipper sturdy strap tab make it easy to carry and pack.

A Frank Discussion about Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental impact are universal concerns challenging all of us to think and act differently. The shift away from destructive cheap alternatives toward quality, longer lasting, emission reducing options is just one part of a bigger initiative. Why we make products, how we make them, and the value they provide are just as important as how well they are made. Sacrificing one for the other doesn't move us forward. The time and research put into the development of The Ornadi Bag is proof that even small fish can make a big splash.

hidden benefits

Dependable Advantage

When was the last time you threw your expensive designer bag or hard luggage into the washing machine? The invisible treatments that prevent The Ornadi Bag from damage causing bacteria and odor, have a spill over affect of protecting the bags you use it with- extending their life and saving you a tremendous amount of time and money.

Life Without Limits

Dirty Travel Laundry

Easily separate and organize dirty wet travel laundry while keeping your luggage and unused clothes fresh and clean.

Smelly Gym Clothes

As a sweat bag you can take advantage of unexpected opportunities like a last minute lunchtime class, or head straight to work from the gym without the stress of odor spreading in your backpack or car.

Wet Swimsuits & Towels

Keep towels and essentials like your phone safe and dry by the pool, or pack wet swimsuits and towels away securely and enjoy a dry ride home from the beach.

Why The Ornadi Bag?

sustainable travel bag ornadi

Sustainable Value

Secretly self preserving, The Ornadi Bag's modern innovation allows you to do more with less for longer.

Responsible & Ethical

All Ornadi products are Made in America using premium materials, eco conscious processes, and fair labor laws.

machine washable gym bag ornadi

Convenient Care

The Ornadi Bag is machine washable and dryer safe, it won't shrink, fade, or fall apart in the wash.

stinky gym clothes bag odor

Simple it is not!

This thing is a legitimate moisture barrier. I carry my swim gear in it after a workout and it absolutely stays dry- there was not a single time when other contents of my gym bag came in contact with the damp items all thanks to this handy pouch. Highly recommend if you need a sturdy and roomy compartment for your damp wet items.

Paid for itself over & over again

I was hesitant about the price, but it's literally my go-to bag. I've used it for so many things, I don't know what I would do without it.