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Organic Bamboo Cotton Towel Ultra Soft Absorbent Face & Natural Hair Drying Cloth


Soft   Safe  Sensitive Protection Wherever You Go

Fresh clean rejuvenating care for your skin and hair anywhere. Natural hypoallergenic bamboo and super soft organic cotton are woven in a unique fashion to create a silky smooth toxin and lint free towel that is gentle and safe for even the most sensitive skin. As a daily beauty tool it provides a healthy defense for freshly cleaned pores. Tiny pockets gently soak up water quickly and evenly which make it more absorbent than terry cloth, microfiber and traditional cotton. Thin but plush, it's sized for use on-the-go to give you protection from harsh detergents and toxins. Perfect for drying hair naturally, or offering safe soothing warmth for the tender skin of newborn babies at bath time.  Pack it in your fitness bag for a post work-out or hot yoga sweat towel, or gym face wash. 

Natural 15 X 35 Super Absorbent Plush Towel

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Machine Wash Warm. Tumble Dry Low  Do Not Bleach.

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