Small waterproof antimicrobial gym bag - packable protection

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Stellar leverages the power of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and a proprietary 4-in-1  system to make carrying sweaty fitness clothes, wet swimsuits, dirty gym laundry, or smelly sneakers simple, safe, and odor free so you can easily maintain your fitness routine no matter where you are or what your schedule is. This small wonder is packed with INNOVATIVE features, and cloaked in a cool design that offers you the versatility of 4 bags in 1 - a wet bag, a dry bag, a sweat bag, and an odor bag, supporting you and your hard work in the MODERN ERA. 


1. Stain / Soil Resistant - Keeps dirt & germs out 

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Two layers of strong FLEXFIT protection makes it simple to pack your custom fitness gear. The outside is Teflon™ treated which creates a powerful stain resistant barrier that makes dirt & liquids bead up and roll off, keeping germs out and protecting valuables inside.

2. Antimicrobial - Inhibits bacteria, mildew, odor and more...

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STELLAR is lined with EcoSILVER antimicrobial process which uses genuine silver to detect and disrupt harmful bacteria, odor and other microbes from growing on the bag, keeping the bag fresh and protected, limiting the back-and-forth spread of bacteria, and extending the life of your gear, your gym bag & the bag itself.

3. Advanced Waterproof Protection













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Stellar gives you 2 layers of innovative THERMALTECH waterproof protection that uses an eco safe non-toxic process which emits no harmful toxins or VOC's into the environment.


4.Convenient Durable Design

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Unlike most wet clothes bags, STELLAR is made from 2 FLEXFIT layers and designed with a seamless leakproof bottom for maximum durability when transporting heavy towels and sneakers. It is 100% machine washable for easy, convenient care.

Wet Gym Clothes Bag -to go from work to work out

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Tested & Trusted

Stellar has been lab tested by an independent accredited lab to ensure it's efficacy of repelling liquids, containing wet items, and inhibiting bacteria. 

ornadi certified antimicrobial & waterproof seal

Smart.Simple. Safe. Style. Stellar has it all in one

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Stellar was made specifically with travel in mind, and fits easily in a duffle bag or suitcase to give you odor free, hassle free fitness. Stellar is proudly made in America.

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