Not all wet bags are created equal.

 First lets demystify the wet bag / dry bag confusion - A wet bag is a bag specifically made with a waterproof lining and a zipper to conveniently transport and contain wet things like swim suits from leaking water out all over the place, they're big with new mom's dad's who use them for diapers and stained baby clothes.  A dry bag is made from a waterproof material thats meant to protect valuables like keys, phones and clothes from water & liquids getting in. Water tight dry bags are made for outdoor activities like canoeing or rafting because they can be submerged and still keep items dry.

So there are wet bags, there are dry bags, and then....there is Gemini.  Named for its 2 layers and 2 sides, Gemini acts as either a wet or a dry bag.  The dry side is -although not submergible - teflon protected to prevent stains and oils from getting in, and the wet side is waterproofed with an eco-friendly process that does not use or emit any harmful chemicals, and prevents water from leaking out.  With just one flip you can contain or protect. Wondering what else you can use this bag for?  Here's 8 reasons why you need Gemini Right Now!


  1. Because vacation shouldn't end any earlier than it has to-  Check out may be at 11am, but you don't want to miss the Sunday champagne pool party. So while your luggage is sitting with the bell hop, your dry change of clothes and shoes for the plane ride home is staying dry right next to you at the pool - a quick change in the hotel lobby and your wet swim suit is safely stored in your carry on.

uses for a wet bag pool ornadi

2. Because there are some places sand just should NOT be - There's nothing like a day at the beach, the smell of the ocean, the sun kissing your skin and the cool sand between your toes.... except when that sand gets in your phone, sticks to your deodorant, and sneaks into your lipstick.  With gemini, you can keep valuables sand free like keys, electronics, and that gold chain you forgot to take off

uses for a wet bag beach ornadi

3. Because they call them intimates for a reason - There's no better bag to keep your lingerie separate and protected from the in-flight mishaps of checked-luggage like exploding shampoo bottles and leaking suntan oil. 

4. Because shoes are a reflection of our personal sense of style - that and they pick things up off the ground that we really really don't want touching our clothes.

uses for a wet bag shoes ornadi

5. Because our workout routine doesn't stop on vacation - Fitness is not a fad, its a way of life..but sweat soaked life can smell pretty bad when its stuffed in a suitcase for 10 hours. Ditch the plastic hotel dry cleaning bag, and zip your gear up away from all those clean clothes you packed and never wore.

uses for a wet bag travel packing ornadi

6. Because your very expensive luggage is NOT hair spray & suntan lotion proof. - Just a duffle bag and a full tank of gas is all you need for a last minute getaway, but after working hard for that bag that says you can actually afford your sense of style,  the last thing you want to do is spend Monday googling how to remove stains from high-end luggage. Toiletries are a must  but they don't need to be a mess.

uses for a wet bag toiletries ornadi

7. Because you lead an ACTIVE busy life - Whether you sneaking a class in after work, getting a workout in before your morning meeting, or heading out for the weekend right from work, having an easy way to organize your clothes and pack your gear is not a luxury it's a necessity.

uses for a wet bag lightweight packable ornadi

8. Because washable travel accessories are the best invention ever! Enough said.

uses for a wet bag washable ornadi

Gemini is an eco-friendly must-have wet bag with dry bag features giving you unlimited uses and style wherever life takes you. 

...And as with all of our products - Gemini is proudly Made in America.