We made it a mission to show our children how truly special and unique the world is. Our love of travel became a way to reconnect, and share experiences together as our children grew.

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When a harsh skin reaction to the strong detergents from hotel towels became a constant problem, we searched for a travel towel to end the discomfort. But most travel towels were designed for water sports and camping to wick water away from the skin without absorbing it, which was accomplished by using toxic plastic spun into poly and microfiber, an option that just didn't work for our family. We were teaching our children about being more earth conscious and paying attention to what they put both on and in their bodies. It took 2 almost 2 years and extensive research, but what we created is truly special.

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A proprietary fabric created a company in America, made of sustainable and resourceful bamboo, and toxin free organic cotton. It was designed to be used on babies during the first 2 years of infancy because the skin is most tender and easily irritated in those years. There is no other fabric like it, made exclusively from 2 layers of supremely soft bamboo organic cotton fabric, that surround super absorbent threads which capture and hold water evenly.

Hand sized at 35 inches long by 15 inches wide, it can actually absorb and dry an entire adult body after a long hot shower. Since  the absorbent threads are on the inside, it is perfect for washing the delicate skin on baby's and mommy's face without threads and fuzz getting into the eye.

organic packable travel towel ornadi

The super absorbency makes it perfect for drying hair naturally. We think it is the best eco travel premium personal care accessory you can buy to pamper your skin with incredibly soft and mindfully safe protection.