What happen’s when conscious care meets determined innovation?

gym face towel organic cotton bamboo 

It’s not just that it doesn’t look like any other towel you’ve ever seen –  it’s smooth design has a slight sheen that makes a pretty impressive statement around your neck at the gym, while secretly offering you lint & fuzz free drying – a  bonus if your sporting a 5 o’clock shadow or beard.

 gym face towel

 And, yes it’s quick absorbing action is a lure, especially those tiny little pockets that are made to grab water, pull it in and then spread it evenly to hold onto it – which really comes in handy on the seat at spin class.

 gym face towel ornadi organic bamboo cotton

Of course, it feels good to know that it’s made from organic cotton and sustainable bamboo, which means your supporting a healthy body  and planet because you are totally aware that traditional cotton uses more chemicals and pesticides than any other crop in the world.  

 organic cotton soft bamboo gym face towel


 Then there's the added bonus of bragging rights to your friends on social media about the fact that your gym towel absorbs 2x’s more water 10x’s faster than regular cotton or their chemically created microfiber towels that are washing up on the shores and breaking down into tiny fibers in your wash and dryer.

Gym face hand towel organic ornadi 


But truth be told, the customers we sent the pre-launch to, told us it’s the incredible softness and how it feels on their skin that makes them want to wrap themselves in it for hours…Of course the 15 X 35 travel size makes that quite a challenge, but we won’t stop you from trying.

travel towel gym ornadi 

Not all towels are created equal.
  • Natural Hypoallergenic Soft bamboo
  • Chemical Free Organic Cotton
  • Extra Quick Absorbing
  • Holds More Longer
  • 100% Sustainable and Eco-Friendly 
  • Machine Wash & Dry

We just released VIGOR (all good things take time you know) and we’re confident once you experience it, you’ll  feel the same way.  You can get vigor here, or use your amazon prime account amazon ornadi storeright now and get it tomorrow by shopping here.


  Want to see what a match made in heaven looks like?

Vigor & Stellar are the perfect pair , and a unique and thoughtful gift for the health conscious, hard working, has everything husband, wife, dad, mom, son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, best friend, boss, neighbor,  trainer ….or all of the above in your life!

 small gym bag & towel ornadi