Waterproof Reversible Wet / Dry Travel Bag Gemini

$40.00 USD

Lab Tested

Durable & Sustainable

Eco Conscious

Machine Wash & Dry

Keep your belongings safe and dry with our reversible wet dry swimsuit bag.

Whether you're at the pool, beach, or participating in water sports, this bag is the perfect solution for keeping your clothes or phone dry or your swimsuits contained. 

With just one flip, the reversible design means you're ready for anything including car rides home which are more comfortable in dry clothes. Organize your beach bag to protect your phone or book separating it from wet swimsuits and dandy towels, then at the end of the day, flip and use it to keep your wet swimsuits from leaking into your bag or car.

The machine washable feature makes it easy to clean and maintain. And the best part? The sustainable design like non-toxic waterproofing, and a leak-proof bottom, means that you can enjoy your adventures without harming the environment.

The packable size makes it easy to fit in your backpack or luggage, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It's perfect for afternoons at the pool, or the hot tub at the spa.

  • 14 X 17.5" Packable Size
  • Heavy Gold / Brass Zipper
  • 2 Flex-fit layers
  • Reversible Wet / Dry
  • Waterproof
  • Made in USA

Durable Design

FLEX-FIT reversible material makes it stronger and easier to pack sneakers and odd sized gear. The custom leak-proof bottom and sturdy brass zipper, provides superior strength you won’t get from thin nylon wash bags that you have to wash every single time you workout.

Patented Stain Resistant

Eco plant based exterior keeps liquids and dirt our by adding an invisible armor that repels dirt, water, and oils making them bead up, roll off and taking their nasty germs with them. Your gear remains dry and safe. Because what happens at the gym should stay at the gym.

Thermal-Tech Non-Toxic Waterproofing

Thermal-tech innovation uses heat to bond a permanent seal to the fabric without using traditional lids that emitt harmful toxins and VOC’s into the environment. It becomes your handy go-to multi-use wet bag, which drastically reduces the use of plastic bags and is safer for you and the planet.

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

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Guaranteed American Made, and backed by our 30 day no questions asked quality assurance return policy.

Waterproof tested by an independent 3rd party accredited lab. 



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