Best Wet Gym Clothes Bag for Traveling

Traveling with wet, sweaty, stinky gym clothes and fitness gear is no easy task. Bacteria and mildew grow fast, especially on wet clothes kept in warm small spaces like your suitcase. Most travel sports bags are either made of mesh to try and let the odor escape, or hard rigid plastic that makes it difficult to pack odd shaped gear. Neither will stop the bacteria or the odor from wreaking havoc on your expensive luggage.

Enter Stellar, by Ornadi. Stellar packed with powerful features and engineered to make traveling with wet fitness gear simple and odor free.

antibacterial gym bag

  • BACTERIA & ODOR PROTECTION Stellar leverages the PROVEN POWER of rapid release eco-Silver-Ion antimicrobial technology to detect and disrupt irritating unhealthy bacteria, mold, mildew from growing on the bag and the stinky smell they cause. Unlike mesh bags, or nylon bags that hide, trap or lock-in odor, Stellar inhibits it from starting for safer workouts.
waterproof antimicrobial gym clothes bag Ornadi
  • PROPRIETARY 4-IN-1 TECHNOLOGY makes this a durable wet or dry bag made with 2 flex-fit waterproofed layers, strong Shield-Plus stain resistant armor that repels dirt and water, antimicrobial protection and a seamless leak-proof bottom with superior strength when holding heavy wet towels and swimsuits.

Odor proof travel gym bag Ornadi


  • STAIN RESISTANT dirty laundry travel pouch. Stellar is the only cloth bag made with 2 layers of Flex-fit fabric with Shield-plus technology that repels dirt, water, and sweat preventing it from getting in or leaking out. It’s packable size is small enough to fit easily in a backpack or gym locker, and strong enough for your smelly running sneakers, wet shower towel, and heavy exercise gear with a dependability unmatched from baby wet bags.

multipurpose eco friendly wet clothes bag Ornadi


    • EASY MACHINE WASH and dryer won’t damage, shrink, fade, or cause the bag to fall apart. Go from work to work out and be rest assured that your bag will be stench free even after sitting for hours in your duffle, or hot car. WATERPROOFING with Thermal-Tech heat bond innovation that emits no harmful toxins or VOC’s. Designed with a seamless leak-proof bottom to hold heavy wet towels, it drastically reduces the use of plastic bags and is safer for you and the planet

    Travel gym bag waterproof Ornadi
    • GUARANTEED AMERICAN MADE unrivaled quality of 2 durable Flex-fit layers engineered stronger to last longer for unbeatable value and less carbon emissions. The ideal gift for gym lovers and travel enthusiasts.

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