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Natural Bamboo Organic Cotton Towel - Body Face and Baby Care for Sensitive Skin

SPA/TRAVEL TOWEL Soft. Safe. Sensitive.

bamboo organic cotton travel towel
a natural bamboo and organic cotton towel with a silky smooth feel that gives your skin natural soft protection at home or on the go. Our towel absorbs 2 X's more 10 X's quicker for space saving skincare and organic hair protection. Small enough to pack but large enough to dry your entire body, its the perfect travel companion. The innovative fabric was engineered specifically for the tender skin of newborn babies and provides incredibly soft comfortable drying from the  natural hypo-allergenic bamboo and chemical free organic cotton.

Size: 15" X 35" Made in the USA

natural beauty face wash towel


organic travel towel


  • Cutting edge luxury for an invigorating soothing experience
  • Super soft plush to the touch it leaves skin feeling refreshed
  • Natural non-Irritating design made specifically for sensitive skin
  • Sized for space saving convenience at home, the gym, or for traveling



bamboo absorbent travel towel ornadi


  •  Tiny pockets hold water evenly for balanced wellness
  • Perfect for sweat filled workouts and hot Yoga routines
  • Machine wash and dry for easy convenient care
  • Improve your skins health and appearance with natural non-irritating care


Soft Tennis Sweat Towel Ornadi Organic Cotton BambooTravel Towel Ornadi Organic  



"This bamboo organic towel is not just an ordinary towel.... not only was it soft on my face but it absorbed my long thick hair naturally. I will definitely be ordering these as gifts for birthdays/Christmas - Amazing!!!

                 Herbert C.     Amazon Prime Member

"I started buying organic products after the birth of my daughter and I wish I had this for her when she was a baby. It is super soft and I love that its all natural and doesn't bother my skin during breakouts. Its a good size for throwing in your bag for yoga. Would highly recommend especially if you have sensitive skin like I do."

Sue F.   California

"I bought it for my wife who has rosacea and has a hard time using anything on her skin. She was surprised at how soft and absorbent it was for the size. She ordered another one the same week for our new baby grandson. I think this is a very good product for people who have skin trouble like my wife."

Mike  W.   Massachusetts