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Travel Secret #3 Skin Care Scare - How to Bust the Blemish Naturally.

Travel Secret #3 Skin Care Scare - How to Bust the Blemish Naturally.

Know-on-the-Go Natural Blemish Buster

Unexpected break outs and blackheads are not fun, but when your traveling and don't have your cabinet full of rescue aids, it can be a nightmare - especially if your away for a special occasion or destination wedding. But stressing will only make the break out worse, so try this little secret instead - order tea from room service, if they happen to have an herbal choice even better  - and make sure to request lemon the side. 

Lemon Natural Skin Care bamboo Towel Ornadi

Usually, even the smallest hotel (or one without a restaurant) will still stock lemon for morning tea, water or ice tea etc. If there's no room service, find the closest place that will carry a lemon.  Lemons are antibacterial, fulll of vitamin C and have natural citric acid, so they neutralize free radicals - those pesky things that are probably causing your face to break out -  and more importantly, they act as a natural antioxidant. 

First step is to clean your face thoroughly using natural skin care products that are free from irritating chemicals, then squeeze the lemon juice right on the problem area, sit back relax and drink the tea. Your blemish should start to calm down and the citric acid will fade the irritation. 

Natural skin care ornadi

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