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Travel Organic Towel Essential Oil

Top 3 Travel Essential Oils to Help You Pack Less & Feel Your Best

No matter what your travel plans, there are a few things that all adventures have in common starting with the journey itself. Whether by car, or plane, ship or rail you will be around people...and their germs...places...and it's weather...and things...that sometimes affect us in ways we don't expect. But carrying around a medicine chest full of health aids doesn't quite fit the bill for traveling light. That's where the beauty of essential oils comes in. Recent and numerous confirmation of their multiple health benefits and all natural make up, has caused the trend to explode and rightfully so. Their powerful and extensive affects have been shown to cure, prevent, and restore the body, improve the senses, and enlighten the spirit. 

Here are the top 3 essentials oils you need to help combat the most common occurrences on any trip and leave more room in your suitcase for the important things 

bamboo soft face towel ornadi

Lemongrass Oil

Known best for it's powerful affects on the skin from toning, and strengthening, to sterilizing and healing, its a burst of pure stimulating wow for your skin & scalp.  But this aromatherapy oil has a laundry list of uses that make it a go to choice. Sore muscles from all that standing in the airport? Use it to get relief. Going on an outdoor adventure? Ward off insects, kill bacteria or apply it to a cut for antibacterial protection. Forget your odor eaters? Try it as an anti fungal option that also happens to be a natural deodorizer. That new food last night not agreeing with you? Pour a few drops of this antioxidant into some tea to help your digestive system and kill yeast and bacteria.  Itchy dry scalp from the forced air in your hotel room? Rub a few drops onto your scalp for 2 minutes then rinse, it strengthens your follicles while giving you fresh shiny hair.Travel Ornadi


Eucalyptus Oil 

Even first class passengers breath that recirculated air for the entire flight, and all the airborne germs that come with it. Eucalyptus oil is like carrying the cough & cold aisle in your pocket. Effective for treating a number of respiratory issues from the common cold and cough to asthma, bronchitis and even sinusitis. It's packed with preventative properties - antibacterial, anti fungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic, and apparently anti-moody removing exhaustion, and mental sluggishness to help revive and refresh people feeling under the weather. 

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Lavender Oil 

Sleeping in a strange place without the comfort of your favorite pillow at the hour when your usually at yoga class can be a bit challenging. Lavender oil will induce sleep, relieve stress and anxiety (necessary for anyone having to go through customs) ease sore muscles and back pain, treat acne and improve blood circulation ( which comes in handy after sitting for 8 or more hours in the same position). While we all appreciate a good nights rest, the most essential use of lavender oil is it's ability to boost your immune system and help the body defend against rare diseases like diphtheria and typhoid. 

Besides using these oils straight up, there are a number of everyday products infused with them from soaps and shampoos, to face creams and masks you can choose that will give you the energy and stamina to make the most of your trip.  Avoid shelf bought brands filled with tons of additives and chemicals that throw a few drops of essential oil "verbiage" in for good measure, and focus instead on all natural blends, less is more is the key here - less ingredients = more benefits + less risk. 

Organic Face Towel Ornadi Essential Oil Soap Our lemongrass eucalyptus travel soap is a good example, custom blended with only natural ingredients and real aromatherapy oils for a  healthy, fresh, rejuvenating cleanse that relaxes the body.

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