Why are Cruise Ships Popular?

Why are Cruise Ships Popular?

July 18, 2018

Have you ever wondered why cruises are so popular? Some love the excitement of being out to sea one minute, and in some place new the next. Other's get more enjoyment out of not having to reach into their wallet all day long- especially for the cocktails which can be overpriced at vacation hot spots,

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and for a select few it's that midnight buffet - all that appetizing help yourself to new foods piled to the ceiling! Or maybe it's the appeal of an adult play land with gambling, pools, shows and entertainment, and on-deck sports all in one place.

We love cruising most for the daily excursions.

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Pulling into a foreign port of call and having the time & freedom to explore new places, try new things and meet interesting people. Yes it's a lot of walking, but it's healthy and with so much to see and do along the way, you barely notice. To make the most of the day you need comfortable shoes, a bag to carry your trinkets and treasures, a light jacket with a hood for unexpected wet weather, and Gemini our wet dry bag.

It's the perfect cruise accessory for keeping valuables or a change of clothes dry, and to store wet clothes or your swimsuit in for boat rides and sea exploring. It's stain resistant, waterproof and keeps the load light.

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Grab yours today and get out there!

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