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Need a Gym Bag that works as Hard as you do?

 Small waterproof antimicrobial gym bag - packable protection

waterproof gym bag travel ornadi

Stellar makes it easier and safer to maintain your fitness routine no matter where you are or what your schedule is. This small wonder is a powerhouse of features cloaked in a cool design that transports and protects your fitness gear with ease, supporting you and your hard work. 







Stain resistant - to keep dirt & germs out 

stain resistant gym clothes bag.


Two layers of strong but flexible protection makes it simple to pack your custom fitness gear. The outside is Teflon™ treated which creates a powerful stain resistant barrier that makes dirt & liquids bead up and roll off, keeping germs out and protecting valuables inside.








Antimicrobial - Prevents bacteria, mildew & odor 

smelly gym clothes bagIt's lined with an antimicrobial treated fabric which uses genuine silver to resist odor and prevent bacteria from building on the bag caused by wet swimsuits or sweat filled gym clothes, keeping the bag fresh and extending the it's life. And if that wasn't enough, we waterproofed both layers and designed the bag with a seamless bottom to make it strong enough to hold shoes without splitting while carrying it. 






Travel Gym Bag -to go from work to work out

waterproof packable gym bag ornadiWe made stellar large enough to hold sneakers and clothes, but small enough to fit in a standard size messenger bag for commuters who prefer not to carry an additional gym bag.



Washable Gym Clothes Bag - easy convenient care

washable gym clothes bag



The soft  lightweight fabric is it easy to fold and store in small places for quick convenience like a glove box or a tote bag.  Best of all Stellar is completely machine wash & dryer safe making it super simple to care for.





Eco-Conscious - Safer alternative for you & the planet

eco friendly travel accessories ornadi

Most travel accessories use a liquid waterproofing process that emits harmful chemicals into the environment. We found a safer alternative that uses heat to bond a protective layer, which means no harmful chemicals, toxins or VOC's are emitted.





Smart.Simple. Safe. Style. Stellar has it all in one

waterproof gym clothes bag


Stellar was made specifically with travel in mind, and fits easily in a duffle bag or suitcase to give you odor free, hassle free fitness - and as with all of our products- Stellar is proudly Made in the USA.



small gym clothes bag stellar ornadi



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