How to Stay Fit When Work Makes A Gym Routine Hard....

How to Stay Fit When Work Makes A Gym Routine Hard....

September 14, 2018

We didn't want to be "just another bag" and we had a real problem solve, but we wanted to do it consciously - a task more difficult than we anticipated.  While we weren't that surprised by how well it was Stellar was received, we were surprised at the number of attorney's that bought the bag.

ornadi gym bag

When we reached out to find out why, it made perfect sense. We made Stellar as a packing gym bag for sweat filled clothes when traveling, and for avid gym goers who wanted to contain bacterial odor from sweat filled fitness gear penetrating their gym duffle bag.

But, Stellar works great alone especially when your job makes it hard to keep a regular routine. "When your running between the courtroom, the boardroom, the office and your home" it makes scheduling a routine workout time nearly impossible, with your gym bag we can easily pack clothes and sneakers for a quick workout in between."  ornadi gym bag attorneys

We love our customers, and your feedback really helps us learn more about how we can serve you better and continue to make great products helping other small businesses here in the United States.  We put so much hard work and research into the design and innovation of the product. Teflon protected to resist stains and water, antimicrobial lined to prevent the growth of bacterial odor and decay, and waterproofed with a thermal toxin free process to keep sweat and water from wet gear in.If you've got a career that makes it hard to hold down a regular routine, simplify your life and and protect your skin, clothes & sneakers with Stellar. 

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