Castle Climbing in Lithuania

Castle Climbing in Lithuania

September 03, 2019

One of the greatest advantages of being a travel accessory brand, is learning about new exciting places and experiences throughout the world.  Our production focus is here in America, sourcing innovative materials, and finding small businesses who produce quality work through the passion of their trade. But our products are made to travel the world. So to say that we get a little excited each time we ship to a new city or country is an understatement. We love to learn more about the people who use our products, the places they take them and what experiences they have with them. We are curating a “Life List” of unique places, and one of a kind ( #OOAK) experiences that you wouldn’t want to put off, and it’s our customers that inspire us.

 This week we shipped our waterproof gym clothes bag to Lithuania. A country that had not yet been on our radar. So we did a little research to find out more about how our gym bag might be used, and see if we could find a #OOAK spot worthy of being added to our Life List.

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 It turns out that Basketball is a top National Sport there, and the country is native to several famous NBA players. 

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With 61 miles of sandy coastline that borders the Baltic Sea, and plenty of lush forests and wetlands, our waterproof bag would be a handy accessory.

AND....after a little behind the scenes voting, we chose the Trakai Island Castle as our Life List spot, because it is the ONLY Island Castle in all of Eastern Europe.

Trakai Island Castle Ornadi

Built back in 1409, it is steeped in history and sits on a the Lake Galve. You can tour the castle and it's museum including a long walk across the scenic bridge to get there. 

 Are you up for a little castle climbing adventure?

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