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Gym Clothes Bag for Wet Swimsuits Black Ornadi

10 Reasons This is the Best Wet Gym Clothes Bag- EVER!

Traveling with wet, sweaty gym clothes is not an easy task. Every minute your odor filled fitness gear is trapped in your suitcase, bacteria grows and so does the smell that results from it.  Plastic bags won't stop the bacteria or the odor, and using them only adds more problems for the planet. 

That's where STELLAR comes in. It is the best, most convenient and eco conscious solution to traveling with wet gear and here's why:


1. It is TEFLON coated to resist water, stains and oils, to help prevent any additional water, dirty, and germs from coming home with you.


Wet Gym Clothes Bag Antimicrobial Ornadi


2. It has 3 layers of WATERPROOF protection to keep wet, sweaty items trapped inside away from your clean clothes.


Waterproof Travel Wet Swimsuit Bag Antimicrobial Ornadi


3. It it lined with an ANTIMICROBIAL treatment that inhibits bacterial growth - this isn't about just trapping germs and odor, this is about preventing them from growing and spreading. 


Gym Bag and Towel Waterproof Antimicrobial Ornadi


4. The bag is waterproofed using a thermal process that adheres a protective layer permanently to the fabric without the use of harmful chemicals. Which means NO harmful VOC's are emitted into the air, an ECO-CONSCIOUS process that makes it safer for people and the planet.




5. The antimicrobial treatment uses real silver which is released when any microbes try to grow on the fabric, a process that is eco-friendly and SAFE for your skin.

Seal Sea Life Eco Conscious Travel Ornadi


6. It is a SOFT fabric bag that makes it easier to pack and fit your personal needs.


small gym bag and towel antibacterial ornadi

7. At 14.5 X 17 it is designed with a SEAMLESS BOTTOM for extra strength and durability, and to provide leak proof protection.

wet swimsuit travel bag

8. It is PERFECTLY SIZED  to fit in a backpack, tote bag, small carry on, or even your brief case so you can go from work to work out easily.

small waterproof gym bag


9. It is MACHINE WASH & dry.


machine washable wet clothes bag


10. It is proudly made and manufactured in AMERICA.


made in america Ornadi Travel Accessories


...and if this isn't proof enough, here's what our customers have to say about the bag:


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 If you have extended travel plans, or excessive fitness gear, you can get our NEW custom X-large size wet clothes bag STELLAR II here. At 17 X 23.5 It holds 50% more than our traditional bag, and costs only 15% more, and it includes a custom cotton comfort strap for easy transport. This large bag is perfect for long trips, and fits nicely in your large suitcase. 

X Large Antimicrobial Wet Clothes Bag Travel Ornadi

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Size Chart Ornadi


ornadi custom size charts